About Us!

Travers was launched in 1924 by my great-grandfather, David Trevas, an aspiring young entrepreneur who wanted to start a tool company with a focus on the customer. To service the metalworking shops in the New York metro area, he established an overriding objective – deliver the tools they needed on time.

A quick story highlights his adaptability to work the way his customers wanted. Many of the customers at that point in time where immigrants from Europe. They had difficulty pronouncing his name Trevas and would call him Travers instead. He adapted, and from there came our namesake!

Based on his commitment to service and product supply, the business was further developed by his son, my grandfather, Seymour Trevas and then later by my father and our current Chairman of the Board, Barry Zolot. Barry developed our first printed Catalogs and our quick ship warehouses to expand our business nationally.

While Travers has grown over the years, and we are able to provide all the products and services your company may need, as a family run business, we can still create individualized programs designed for you.

We have a team of dedicated employees who provide customers like you the best experience possible. We are continually working to provide the products and services you need quickly and seamlessly. Our warehouses are stocked full of items to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Delivery options have multiplied, so now you can choose the option that best fits your needs. For all aspects of the business, we measure our success just as our founder did - one satisfied customer at a time.

We continually request feedback from our customers so that we can ensure we're meeting your needs. If you have an issue, you can contact me directly at: bzolot@travers.com

My team and I look forward to serving your needs for many years!

Bruce Zolot

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be the preferred supplier to metalworking and industrial markets worldwide. We accomplish this by offering a comprehensive selection of products, while supporting our customers with industry leading service, technical support and timely delivery options. Our strength comes from our employees whose pride, teamwork, and ongoing improvements deliver excellence to our customers.

For further information call Monday through Friday between 7:30am & 8:00pm EST.

  • USA and Canada:  1-800-221-0270
  • International:  718-886-7200

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