High Speed Steel Projection Chaser
TTC PRODUCTION High Speed Steel Projection Chaser - THREAD SIZE: 3/4-10

High Speed Steel Projection Chaser

Item #: 15-880-660
Tool Material: High Speed Steel
Thread Size: 3/4"-10
To Fit Die Head Size: 3/4"

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  • Designed to be used in a fixed arrangement within the die head, permitting chasers to make a successive thread cut to reduce the cutting load on each individual chaser element.
  • For cutting threads with a self-opening geometric type die head.
  • Generally used for machine threading applications.
  • Well suited for a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


  • Made in sets of four sequential cutters.
  • Made in the projection type.

Technical Data

  • Manufactured from high speed steel with bright finish.
  • Have a 10? hook and 33? chamfer.


  • Style ?D? and ?DS? chasers up to 3/4" are interchangeable.
Product Specifications
Tool Material High Speed Steel
Thread Size 3/4"-10
To Fit Die Head Size 3/4"
Hook Angle 10°
Thread Type Inch threads
Chamfer Angle 33°
Chaser Style DS or D
Hardness 58 to 60 RC
Weight 2 lbs.