Mill/Drill Machine


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Extremely useful machine for both small and large shops


  • Economical yet powerful machine that handles a variety of tasks.
  • Amazingly convenient - performs a wide range of complex and precise milling operations.
  • Can machine an array of diverse materials ? from aluminum and plastic to stainless steel and bronze.
  • Along with milling, effectively functions as a drill press.


  • 1 HP motor with 100-1,750 RPM.
  • Multifunction digital scale on the quill.
  • Quick reversing tapping feature.
  • Push button speed control.
  • Digital speed display.
  • Dovetail column with handwheel graduated in .0005".
  • Over 14" of headstock movement.
  • Digital spindle scale reads metric or inches, zero set, on/off.
  • Head tilts 90°
  • Reversing buttons on the spider handles for tapping.
  • Coolant trough in the table.
  • Front mounted fine feed knob.
  • Push button motor control for forward, reverse, tapping and off.
  • Front mounted E-stop button.
  • See-through chip guard.