Precision Heavy Duty Live Center
SKODA Precision Heavy Duty Live Center - TAPER: 4 MT

Precision Heavy Duty Live Center

Item #: 69-201-004
Brand: SKODA
Model #: 310-120
Taper: 4 MT
Weight Of Workpiece: 1,800 lbs.

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Create less thermal friction when turning


  • The rotating spindle is extended right through the tapered shank.
  • Two specially designed adjustable needle-roller bearings carry all radial loads.
  • A heavy duty ball thrust bearing takes all axial thrust.
  • Thermal expansion and shock loads are absorbed by a special compensator spring.
  • Complete protection of bearings from the ingress of coolant, dirt or swarf is provided by the built-in oil seal, which also prevents loss of lubricant.


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SKODA Precision Heavy Duty Live Center
Product Specifications
Model # 310-120
Taper 4 MT
Weight Of Workpiece 1,800 lbs.
Point Type Standard
Body Diameter 2-3/16"
Body Length 7-1/2"
Center Diameter 1-1/2"
Center Point Angle 60°
Maximum Weight of the Workpiece 1,800 lbs.
Maximum Workpiece Weight 1,800 lbs.
Morse Taper 4
Net Weight of Center 4.8 lbs.
Point Angle 60°
Weight 15 lbs.
Country of Origin CZECH REPUBLIC

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