Replacement Bulb (18W) for Light
TTC Replacement Bulb (18W) for Light - Model : JF-WN18DB   Watt: 18W

Replacement Bulb (18W) for Light

Item #: 99-002-666
Brand: TTC
Model #: JF-WN18DB
Watts: 18W
For Model: JF-WN18DB

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Model #JF-WN18DB
  • Suited for machine, indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Water resistant.
  • Cool lighting performance.
  • Acrylic outer tube.
Model #JW-70RTL
  • Quartz halogen lamp.
  • Reflection lens built on luminaire head affords high lighting efficiency.
  • Adjustable head and arms for hard to reach lighting requirements.
  • Electronic transformer for high powered transmission.
Model #JH-50FT
  • Flexible goose neck design.
  • Lighting reaches any direction.
  • Quartz halogen lamp design.
  • Provides vibration resistance performance.
Model #JF-136LEB
  • Double lamp fluorescent light.
  • Ideal for task lighting of table tops.
  • Mounting clamp for easy installation.
  • Articulated arm.
Model #JH-20FT
  • Engineering plastic shade and base provide complete insulation for maximum operator safety.
  • Goose neck arm for smooth lighting angle adjustment.
Product Specifications
Brand TTC
Model # JF-WN18DB
Watts 18W
For Model JF-WN18DB
Price Table Description 18W Replacement Bulb
Weight 0.25 lbs.
Country of Origin Import