0~6" Electronic Fractional Caliper
T&O 0~6 Electronic Fractional Caliper - Model: #TOF215   Measuring Range: 0~6, 0~150mm   Type of Reading: Inch/metfic   Inside Measurement: Yes

0~6" Electronic Fractional Caliper

Item #: 57-016-095
Brand: T&O
Model #: TOF215
Measuring Range: 0 ~ 6" (0 ~ 150mm)
Resolution: .0005" (.01mm)

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0~6" Electronic Fractional Caliper is no longer available for purchase. If you need information about product substitutions, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-221-0270.
Quartz glass display window resists scratches


  • Resolution: 0.0005", .01mm or 256ths
  • .47" (12mm) high LCD display.
  • With fraction display.
  • Zero setting at any position.
  • Inch/metric system interchange.
  • Manual power on/off or auto power off.
  • Power on/off at any position, variable measuring origin (zero).
  • Display window uses special quartz glass with strong ability of scratch resistance.


Limited Supply.


Replacement Battery Available As Order #57-016-064, Priced At
T&O 0~6" Electronic Fractional Caliper
Product Specifications
Brand T&O
Model # TOF215
Measuring Range 0 ~ 6" (0 ~ 150mm)
Resolution .0005" (.01mm)
Inside Measurement Yes
Thumb Wheel Yes
Output No
Type Fractional - Big Digit
Battery Type SR44
LCD Resolution .0005", .01mm
Price Table Description 0 ~ 6" Range Caliper
Type of Reading Inch/Metric
Weight 0.75 lbs.
Country of Origin Import

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