11" x 27.5" Gear Drive Lathe

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Problem: Bigger and bulkier lathes take up excessive space, which can become a hindrance in small scale shops.
Solution: A compact gear-driven design offers large-scale versatility without compromising valuable shop real estate.

Same Innovative Features, More Compact Design

Why clutter up your shop with a large, bulky machine when this smaller, professional quality lathe will do just fine? Made to deliver years of dependable service and designed to handle a variety of thread cutting tasks, this compact, big bore gear driven lathe is easy to set up and use right away. It boasts solid metal construction so it's extra sturdy and features a 1.5 HP, 110 Volt motor and a power cross feed for easy operation.

Great for gunsmithing!


Gear Drive Lathe
  • Hardened and ground bedway.
  • Large bore spindle supported on taper roller bearing.
  • Independent leadscrew and feedshaft.
  • Power cross feed function.
  • Automatic feed and threading are fully interlocked.
  • T-slotted cross slide.
  • Right and left hand thread cutting.
  • Tailstock can be offset for turning tapers.
  • Tolerance test certificate and test flow chart included.
  • Safety switch.
  • Variable speed control with LED speed readout.


  • 6-1/4" (160mm) 3 jaw chuck.
  • 4 way tool post.
  • Leadscrew cover.
  • Inch threading dial (.001" increments).
  • Chuck guard.
  • Splash guard.


Tooling Package Available As Order #99-998-004, Priced At .See Page For More Information.

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Item #BrandModel #Swing Over BedDistance Between CentersPhaseVoltageHorsepowerPriceUOMQty
Item #: 87-115-994Brand: OTMTModel #: OT290V-FSwing Over Bed: 11"Distance Between Centers: 27.55"Phase: 1 PHVoltage: 110VHorsepower: 1.5 HPPrice: