4 Flute SuperCEED® Solid Carbide Coated Finishing Single End Mills

Brand: T&O


Heat Generation Reduced
  • Lower friction.
  • Restricted heat conductivity.
  • Increased cutting speed.
Chip Formation Improved
  • Lower friction, higher flow speed.
  • Reduced chip compression/cutting forces.
Extension Of Tool Performance
  • High hardness protects against abrasive wear.
  • High chemical stability prevents built-up edge, micro cracks and crater wear.
  • Increase in tool life.
TiN (Titanium Nitride)
  • This treatment will provide heat resistance and extreme hardness to allow the tool to run at higher feeds and speeds.
  • TiN allows higher lubricity for freer chip flow, reducing build-up edge formation and cratering - great for general purpose use.
  • On non-ferrous materials there is a tendency to gall so please use caution.
  • TiN also requires an increase of 25% to 30% in machining speeds vs. uncoated tools.
TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride)
  • When under conditions of moderate cutting temperatures, TiCN provides harder and more wear resistant than TiN.
  • It also provides 50% more spindle speed compared to TiN, especially in stainless steels.
  • There is a tendency to gall on non-ferrous materials so please use caution.
  • TiCN also requires an increase of 35% to 50% in machining speeds vs. uncoated tools.

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Finishing End Mills-Multi Flute

Item #BrandSize TypeSizeNo. of FlutesLength of CutShank DiameterTool MaterialPriceUOMQty
Item #: 20-101-132Brand: T&OSize Type: FractionalSize: 3/32"No. of Flutes: 4Length of Cut: 3/8"Shank Diameter: 1/8"Tool Material: Solid CarbidePrice: