45° Chamfering End Mills & SDHW Carbide Inserts

Brand: T&O

Perfect all-purpose chamfering cutter for every type of milling machine and machining center


End Mills
  • Use for finishing chamfers and edge breaks.
  • Can be used for light duty general 45° lead face milling and end milling.
Carbide Inserts
  • KIC 21 uncoated C2 Grade for non-ferrous materials.
  • PC 650 coated C6 Grade for general purpose applications.


End Mills
  • Easy to use all-purpose design
  • High positive (15°) inserts with four cutting edges.
  • Simple Torx® screw insert clamping.
  • Parallel land insert flat for superior surface finishes.
Carbide Inserts
  • Wide range of cutting speeds, depth of cut and feed rate capabilities.
  • High positive (15°) inserts with four cutting edges.


Insert Not Included.Replacement Torx® Screw Available As Order #24-521-655, Priced At .

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