A1222 TITEX #29 J/L DRL
A1222 TITEX #29 J/L DRL

A1222 TITEX #29 J/L DRL

Item #: 01-231-360
Brand: TITEX
Model #: 75523
Prop. 65: Yes
Weight: 0.0086 lbs.
Designed for extremely good chip evacuation, especially for use on lathes


  • The high level of coating hardness gives tools extraordinary wear resistance. The red hardness combined with the oxidation and chemical resistance reduces wear when used at high temperatures arising from high performance machining. The low thermal stress when cutting and propagates increased dissipation of heat via the swarf.
  • With TINAL® FUTURA these properties are combined with a high degree of toughness, low residual stress and superior friction properties so that the coating has an exceptionally wide range of applications. For steels, cast iron and nonferrous metals and is particularly advantageous when used with drilling applications.


  • For materials forming long chips such as steel up to Rc 32 AlSi-, aluminum, copper-alloys, stainless steels, soft bronze, electrolytic copper & tough brass.


"Super 22" A1222
  • High speed steel.
  • Polished flutes.
  • 130° point angle.
  • DIN 338.
"Alpha X-E" A1247 COBALT
  • Right hand cut.
  • High speed steel/cobalt.
  • Black margin (steam oxide) surface treatment (below 1.9mm - bright finish).
"Super 22" A1249 TiN
  • TiN coated over cobalt.
  • Parabolic flute design.
  • 130° point angle.
  • DIN 338.
"Super 22" A1249 TFL
  • Tinal® Futura coating.
  • Cobalt parabolic flute.
  • Outstanding tool life.
  • 130° point angle.
TITEX Plus A1222 130° Parabolic Flute Super 22 HSS Ground Polished Jobbers Length Drills
Product Specifications
Model # 75523
Prop. 65 Yes
Weight 0.0086 lbs.
Country of Origin GERMANY
Prop 65 Warning Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.