ABS Digimatic Indicators

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Problem: Traditional indicators only offer barebones readings, leaving the time-consuming calculations to the operator.
Solution: A digimatic design saves information via an absolute encoder and handles the calculations and conversions internally.

Forget fumbling around or hassling with measuring conversions and complicated formulas. The simple, easy to use design of this digimatic indicator performs inch/metric calculations internally and displays linear measurements directly on the rotating LCD screen. All settings and readings remain intact for the life of the battery, so it eliminates the trouble of having to recalculate your measurements. The IDC can be programmed with a go/no go function. Both the IDC and IDS models have a stainless steel stem and display the spindle "Absolute Position" from the origin whenever they are powered on. The unlimited response speed eliminates over-speed errors. SPC data output provided.

Now with calculation function f(x)=Ax


  • Compact indicators maintain settings and measurements for duration of the battery life.


  • Absolute encoder ensures all settings and readings maintained for the life of the battery (even when the power is turned off).
  • Preset, zero-set, inch/mm, ± direction and GO/±NG functions.
  • Face rotates 330° for use at various angles.
  • Stem diameter: .375"
  • Immune to over speed error.
  • SPC output provided.
  • Average battery life 20,000 hours using SR-44 battery.

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