ADDJN R/L Toolholders


The most technologically advanced turning/boring system in the industry featured with high pressure air or liquid coolant thru hole system


  • Dor-Lock™ clamping system.
  • Quick insert lock.
  • Rigid insert lock.
  • Precise insert repeatability.
  • Air or liquid thru coolant.
  • Single action.
  • Locks and cools.
  • Extends insert life.
  • Cuts machining cost.
  • Higher turning speed.
  • Improves machine quality.


  • Coolant is injected directly over the cutting edge of the insert.
  • Two locations for high pressure air or liquid coolant to enter for square shank toolholders.
  • Exceptional control of the coolant is provided by the unique door-lock clamping system.
  • Clamp & release insert easily with one hand using the guide pin.
  • Threaded exit port & three pre-drilled coolant nozzles for an opening of 20, 40, 60 or 100 thousandths of an inch.

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