AirForce 250ci Plasma Cutter


Plasma Cutting Tips:1. Clean, dry, oil-free air is important.2. Stay at recommended air pressure (more air is not necessarily better!).3. Touch torch tip gently to workpiece.4. When initiating a cut, start on the end of material to be cut and ensure arc has completely penetrated metal before proceeding further.5. When completing cut, pause at the end to assure severance.6. Torch should be perpendicular to workpiece.7. Work cable should be attached as close to workpiece cut as possible.8. If you can see the arc coming through the bottom of the cut metal, it will eliminate guessing if your travel speed is correct.


  • Cuts faster than oxy fuel.
  • More precise cut, thinner kerf, less slag to clean up.
  • Smaller heat-affected zone for less warping.
  • No gas pressure settings or flame tuning needed.
  • No preheating of metal prior to cutting.
  • No pressurized gas cylinders to transport.
  • No worries about running out of gas on the job.
  • No expense for gas refills ever.


  • Sheet metal, auto body repair, plumbing, HVAC duct work and home hobby.
  • This simple technology uses an electrical arc and compressed air to cut steel, aluminum, and other conductive metals.
  • Need to cut metal? Plasma cutting is the answer.


  • New inverter design provides powerful cutting ability at half the weight of other plasma cutters.
  • Weighs only 27 lbs.
  • Powered by 120 Volt, 20 Amp Circuit - runs on standard household power.
Built-in Air Compressor
  • Internal piston-driven air compressor makes the system highly portable.
  • No additional compressor to purchase or transport.
  • Pressure is preset. Ready to cut, right out of the box.
New Ergonomic Torch
  • The new HP-25 torch is designed for increased comfort, more efficient cooling and economical replacement cutting tips.
  • No need for 230 Volt hookup by utility company.
Post-flow Air Cooling
  • Cools the torch and tip after cutting, extending life of replaceable tip and electrode.
  • Runs only when needed reducing dust/debris pulled into unit
Pilot Arc Control
  • Ensures consistent arc starts prior to each cut, minimizes tip burnout.
Diagnostic Lights
  • LED lights indicate system status for power, temperature, and torch readiness eliminating unnecessary downtime.
Thermal Overload Protection
  • Built to withstand tough working environments.
  • Rated for 35% duty cycle at 104°F.
  • Duty cycle will increase as environmental temperature decreases.
Cable Management Strap
  • Secures torch, work cable and power cord to make transporting easy and convenient.
Ships direct from factory


  • (1) Model #HP-25 16.4' (5M) hand-held torch.
  • (1) Heavy-duty work clamp with 16.4' (5M) cable.
  • (1) 7' (2.1M) power cord with 115 VAC plug.
  • Extra consumables: (2) tips, (2) electrodes

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