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With Mitutoyo American Corporation, you get precision Japanese craftsmanship from the world's largest metrology company. Mitutoyo has specialized in innovative measurement and accuracy instruments since 1934, from their handheld Digimatic calipers and electronic micrometers to full-scale optical comparators. Mitutoyo's American headquarters features a state-of-the-art A2LA Accredited Calibration Laboratory, ensuring that all equipment is thoroughly checked and prepared to meet the demands of your shop.

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Terra Carbide searches the global market for tools that meet your demands for quality, consistency, and predictability. Terra Carbide offers cost-effective, simplified solutions for most any application or machining process.

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YG-1 has been a manufacturer of performance drills, taps, end mills, spade drills and rotary tooling solutions for over 22 years, with manufacturing partners in over 53 countries. YG-1 specializes in creating the ultimate tap experience with hard slick Vanadium coatings that produce better results in aluminum, steel, stainless and nickel. TiCN options also offer improved finishing and increased metal removal in aluminum alloys. Tap into the power of solid carbide, powdered metal TiAIN, cobalt NC, and much more, all direct from their warehouse in Chicago!

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TTC Production HP is where quality, performance, and value meet. From chucking and taper reamers to single and double end mills, TTC Production HP solutions are economically priced to offer high performance without the high sticker price, letting you do much more for a lot less.

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The Radiac Abrasives Company, part of Tyrolit Abrasives, has been a trusted name in conventional bonded and superabrasives for over a century. Radiac grinding wheels come in aluminum oxide and silicon carbide options, and are available in fine, medium and coarse grades. Radiac manufactures all wheels, lapping compounds and dressing tools in ISO certified facilities to ISO 14001 environmental certifications, making them the top high-performance choice for metalworking worldwide.

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First established in 1922, Durham Manufacturing has since grown into the top distributor of industrial metal or plastic storage and organizing solutions. Durham manufactures a full lineup of storage units, steel cabinets, industrial workbenches, workstations and trucks. Durham’s heavy-duty material-handling equipment is perfect for industrial, manufacturing, automotive and machining shops.

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