Carbon Steel Metric Hexagon Split Die Thread Repair Set


Guaranteed to save you time & money


  • Repairs damaged bolts and studs faster than conventional thread repair tools.
  • Start dies below damage on clean threads to eliminate cross threading and speed up repairs.
  • By using a deep well socket, you can ratchet the die and work in smaller spaces than when using die stocks.
  • So easy to use, you can repair damaged bolts and avoid replacing parts, saving the expense of new bolts.
  • This is especially beneficial when working on larger, hardened bolts which can be more expensive.
  • Reduces the need to find or buy replacement fasteners or threaded components & provides peace of mind knowing the repaired fastener is the original.


  • Ideal for mechanics, machinists & engineers.
  • Perfect for the following industries: automotive, industrial, marine, mining, agricultural/tractors & manufacturing


  • Made to a Rc hardness of 58-60 and made to last.


Limited Supply.

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