3-D Taster
3-D Tasters from Haimer and Tschorn on offer here are very precise and versatile measuring instruments for milling and EDM machines. No calculating of the probe's ball diameter is necessary - just Zero it out! The sensing tip diameter from both the brands available on Travers come in sizes of 0.14" - 0.12" (3.6 - 3.2mm), 0.200" and 0.11" (3mm). The listed 3-D Taster comes in varying shank diameters of 0.3937" (10mm), 1/2" (12.7mm), 3/4" (19.05mm). Problems with mathematics or calculations are eliminated, allowing for fewer operator errors. Both analog and digital 3-D Tasters are available on Travers. The 3-D Tasters are quick and easy, reducing the extra time needed with most edge-finders, increasing the productivity and accuracy of the operator. All Universal 3-D Tasters are individually tested and adjusted when being assembled in order to achieve a maximum measuring precision. The Universal 3-D Tasters from Haimer are IP67 protected, waterproof, and thus rugged to operate in the shop floor environment.
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