3 Jaw
Three-jaw Lathe Chucks are the most commonly used device to hold round and hexagonal workpieces. Travers is proudly offering an extensive variety of Three-jaw Lathe Chucks like 5C Precision Scroll Chuck, Adjustable Scroll Chuck, Front Mounting Scroll Chuck, King Bore Oil Country Universal Chuck, Mini Scroll Chuck with MT Shank, Power Chuck, Standard Scroll Chuck, Super Thin Round Milling Chuck, Universal Scroll Chuck and Universal Scroll Chuck with MT Shank, to meet the need of every machinist. All chucks on offer here are designed to grasp the workpiece quickly and within a few hundredths of millimeters or thousandths of an inch of accuracy. Three-jaw Lathe Chucks available here come in various sizes from 2 inches in diameter to 32 inches in diameter. The thru-hole capacity range between 0.406 inch to 14.5 inches. It comes in various mount types including Flange type, Front & Rear types. Most commonly used three-jaw Lathe chucks are made from a Forged steel body, or Semi-steel body. We also offer Lathe Chucks made from Cast iron body and Nickel plated steel. Now choose from over 325 types of three-jaw Lathe Chucks here, all from leading brands like Bison, Gator, Phase-II, Travers-owned TTC.
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