American Pattern Machinist Files
Shaping and finishing materials have now become easy with the premium quality American pattern machinist files available at Travers. Travers arguably offers the best range of American Pattern Machinist Files. It has a concoction of handpicked leading brands of American Pattern Machinist Files. The three brands offered by Travers are Nicholson, Simonds, and TTC. These brands have made files of different types with different cuts available at your fingertips. The file types available at Travers are flat, general-purpose, half-round, hand, knife, long angle lathe, machinist, maintenance, mill, mixed, round, round chain saw, square, three square, etc. and the cut types are bastards, bastard, and smooth, double, double bastard, flat multi, second single, single bastard, single smooth, smooth standard, and all-purpose. Nicholson has American Pattern Machinist Files of the type flat, maintenance, knife, and general-purpose. The cut types available with Nicholson are double bastard, second, and smooth. Simonds has a huge variety of types including mixed, flat, round, square, half-round, machinist, flat/mill, triangle. And the cuts provided by Simonds are bastard, double, second, smooth, single, single smooth, single bastard, all-purpose, double bastard, and flat multi. Travers-marketed TTC offers files of the type flat, round chain saw, half-round, knife, warding, square, three square, round, and mill. The cuts available are standard, bastard, second, and smooth. Now you can find American Pattern Machinist Files that are best suited to polishing your equipment from over 300 items of premium quality products offered by Travers.
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