Anaerobic Thread Lockers
Anaerobic Thread Lockers are designed for locking air gaps in threaded fasteners that require disassembly with standard hand tools. Anaerobic Thread Lockers on offer here are known to perform well on Aluminum, Stainless steel, or Special alloy parts. It exhibits good temperature and solvent resistance. You may even use these Anaerobic Thread Lockers to lock and seal small screws that are less than a quarter-inch or set screws or screws with a long engagement length. Anaerobic Thread Lockers come in Thread sealant or Thread adhesive types. The difference is only in the form of application strength. We offer different types of Anaerobic Thread Lockers suitable for Low, Medium, High strength applications. You can also choose from different color types including Blue, Green, Purple, Red, or White, depending on type of application and fastener material. Depending on your application need, you can buy Anaerobic Thread Lockers in the form of liquid or paste and container sizes of 10 ml, 50 ml, or 250 ml. For best results, we recommend not using these Anaerobic Thread Lockers in an oxygen-rich environment. Also, it does not support the use of this adhesive on thermoplastics. Pick from 13 different types of Anaerobic Thread Lockers in varying strength, form, container size, or color and from top brands like Loctite & Permatex on Travers. You may also enquire with us about the latest in several categories of Adhesives, Paint & Sundries to suit your requirements.
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