Angle Clamps
Your search for Angle Clamps ends here at Travers. We have a carefully made collection of angle clamps from the choicest of brands to provide variety along with quality. Bessey and Strong Hand Tools are the two brands offered by Travers. These products have varying capacities and numbers of axes. The different maximum capacities available are 3- 3/4 inches, 7 inches, and 9-1/2 inches. The number of axes that can be seen in these angle clamps is 2 and 3. Bessey offers Welding Angle Clamps with 2 axes. The maximum capacity of these angle clamps is 7 inches and 9-1/2 inches. Strong Hand Tools has welding angle clamps with 3 axes. Here the maximum capacity is 3-3/4 inches. Use these Angle Clamps for right-angle joining and fastening applications such as welding, gluing, and driving screws. It helps in hands-free operation during the fabrication stage. You can search according to the maximum capacity required, or the number of axes required, or both to find your match.
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