Angle Vise makes it possible to tilt a clamped workpiece up at an angle for machining. At Travers, we offer Angle Vises with a plain stationary base and with a swivel base. Swivel base Angle Vises permit accurate 360-degree positioning of the workpiece in 1-degree increments, while the Stationary base vises can be universally mounted to milling or drilling tables. We have Angle Vise models with a calibrated quadrant on their side, allowing the operator to accurately set the workpiece at a required angle. Accessories like locking pins or slotted brackets can be bought separately to securely hold the vice on the machining table. All available models of Angle Vise have hardened jaws in order for it to withstand a large amount of force in milling applications. You can also cover these jaws with jaw pads to protect any softer workpieces like wood from damage. Some models have jaws that have vertical and horizontal grooves on their surfaces to hold circular or irregular shaped objects like such as pipes or conduits. The maximum jaw opening on offer: 2 to 7 inches, jaw width: 2 inches to 6 inches, and jaw depth: 1 inch to 2 inches. Angle Vise jaws come in pairs and are replaceable. Choose from 24 varieties of Angle Vises on Travers for a number of machining tasks, including drilling, reaming, or milling. You can also buy Angle Vises that are in stock directly from New York, South Carolina, and California.
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