Bench Top
Get excellent repeatability and test speeds on Bench Top Hardness Testers offered by Travers. We have patented products from leading manufacturers like Phase-II and Starrett in our catalog list that overcome the difficulties of traditional Hardness Testers. In all hardness systems on offer here, the force is applied incrementally upto the established value and kept constant throughout the testing cycle in a closed-loop system. We have Hardness Testers with an initial load range of 3Kgf, 10 Kgf, or 62.5 Kgf. Different models of Hardness Testers can be selected based on scale type: Brinell, Rockwell, or Superficial Rockwell. These testers can also work at angles or near sources of vibration without generating errors. The firm holding of the workpiece is essential for perpendicularity and stability through the test cycle. In order to ensure it, all Bench Top Hardness Testers here come with a clamping system attached to them. In the event of structural failure or bending, the testers are designed to follow the surface of the workpiece, thereby maintaining the test force for a precise reading. Bench Top Hardness Testers on offer promises an accuracy of 0.05. Choose from 9 types of Hardness Testers that come in varying display types ranging between Analog Dial Gauge, Dual Scale Dial Gauge, or High Definition LCD Digital as per your need. You can also buy Bench Top Hardness Testers that are in stock directly from New York, and California. You can also enquire with us about the latest in several categories of Measuring and Inspection Tools to suit your requirements.
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