Boring Bar Sets (Single)
Leverage the advantage of fewer tool changes in high-volume metalworking and fabrication applications with these Indexable tools. Travers has fully stocked Solid Carbide, or Heat-treated Steel Boring Bar Sets to meet your machining requirements. The sets contain a single piece of Indexable boring bar and various shaped indexable carbide inserts to size, straighten and finish the inside of drilled or cast holes in metalworking. The boring bars are a simple plug-and-play solution and are offered here in the minimum bore depth range of 0.410 inch to 1.300 inches. The tool can be plunged and dragged on the X or Y axes to create a slot or asymmetrical hole or channel, or it may be moved only in an up-and-down motion (on the Z-axis) to create a perfectly circular hole. Inserts with rhomboid shape, rectangular shape, Triangle shape, Diamond-shaped, having single-point cutting edge are included in the set. Boring bars are used in combination with a lathe to make holes that are more accurate in terms of placement and measurement. It can have a number of different diameters to create the required mechanical alterations to the material that is being bored into. Travers offers Indexable Boring Bars in varying shank diameters ranging between 5/16 inch to 1 inch. Viewed from a cost perspective, indexable tools represent a significant investment, however, they have the potential to last longer. We provide unparalleled metal-working solutions to customers, employees, vendors, and industries that we serve. No matter the material, surface finish, or accuracy requirement, we have the right Indexable Tools that can enhance your productivity and profitability. Now choose from over 20 options of Indexable Boring Bar with Inserts for both traditional and custom applications, only on Travers.
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