Cartridge Rolls
You can find the best Abrasive Cartridge Rolls for you on Travers with a wide variety of brands ad specifications to choose from. There are more than 60 items you can browse through to get your pick. There are outstanding brands available at Travers like 3M, Superior Abrasives, TTC Production USA made. These Abrasive Cartridge Rolls have been categorized on the basis of their Maximum Roll Diameters, Lengths, Abrasive Materials, Grade, and Pilot Hole Diameter. So you can sift through these huge number of options by filtering according to the specifications you have in mind. The Maximum Roll Diameters are available in the range of 1/4 inches to 5/16 inches. The length varies from 1 inch to 3 inches. The different types of Abrasive Materials that can be found on Travers are Ceramic and Aluminium Oxide. The various grade types for Abrasive Cartridge Rolls are coarse, fine, and medium. The Pilot Hole Diameters are available in the range of 1/4 inches to 3/8 inches. Superior Abrasive has Shur-Kut Straight Cartridge Rolls with Aluminium Oxide or Ceramic as the Abrasive Material. The Maximum Roll Diameter ranges from 1/4 to 5/6 inches. The Cartridge Rolls offered by Superior Abrasive have a Coarse or Medium Grade. 3M has Abrasive Spiral Rolls as well as 747D Regalite Polycut Cartridge Rolls to offer. The Abrasive Material for Abrasive Spiral Rolls is Aluminium Oxide and that for Polycut Cartridge Rolls is Ceramic. The Maximum Roll Diameter is in the range of 1/4 inches to 3/8 inches. The Grades offered are Fine and Medium. If you are looking for Roll Mandrels, then TTC Production USA Made has a fine selection with Coarse Grade. The Length varies from 2-1/4 inches to 3 inches. This is not all. There are more options for Abrasive Cartridge Rolls as well with varying features like Grade, Material, Length, etc.
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