Contact Points
Get all your Indicator Contact Points in one place here on Travers. We offer a substantial supply of various indicator Contact Points and styles including Ball End, Conical, Extension Point, Flat, Roller Point, Round End, Special Function Dial Indicator Points, Stem, and Bent Stem. It is perfect to use with American Gage Design (AGD) Dial Indicators or Dial Test Indicators. Pick Contact Points that are made from materials like steel that is heat-treated or cold-rolled, Carbide, or Ruby to match your application. Indicator point threads are AGD standard 4-48, or 1-64, or in the metric system of up to 2.5 mm. Travers host indicator Contact Points with varying tip diameter in the range of 0.015 inch to 1 inch, and 1 mm to 4 mm. We have tip lengths varying between 0,100 inch to 2-3/4 inch, and 13.5 mm to 21.8 mm. Whether you have to measure under a lip or the inside of an oval-shaped object, the Contact Tips listed here will help you get the job done right. Shop from 128 selected top-quality indicator Contact Points below to start gathering the most precise measurements. You may also enquire with us about the latest in several categories of Measuring and Inspection Tools to suit your requirements.
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