Coolant Systems & Pumps Accessories
Travers has a wide array of Coolant Systems & Pumps Accessories. This wide array consists of many brands like Flexbar, Kool Mist, Little Giant, Noga, Vortec, and Wesco Pumps. The types of Coolant Systems & Pumps Accessories provided here are 1/4 inches NPT fixed cooling, 10 gallons coolant tank, 2 mm nozzle, 45 degrees probe, 4 mm nozzle, hose assembly, magnetic positioner, and magnetic stand, and many more. The coolant systems that can be used with the following, 1-MC5, 2-MC5, 3-MC5, 3-MC10C, coolant pumps, K-75, mini cool systems, etc. Little Giant Machine Tool offers “Flood Type” Coolant Units. The type of coolant units by Little Giant Machine Tool are 5 & 10 gallons coolant tank, 12 inches length of 14 inches flexible hose with nozzle, 12 inches length of 3/8 inch flexible hose with a nozzle. These coolant units can be used with coolant pumps, 1-MC5, 2-MC5, 3-MC5, 3-MC10C, and 4-MC10C. Vortec manufactures cold air guns. The type of cold air gun available at Travers is Dual point Flex line only. This can be used with models #610, 620, and 630. If you are looking for coolant pumps and tanks then Wesco Pumps has coolant pumps and tanks which have the type of hose assembly. Flexbar has aquaflo coolant dispenser. It is of the magnetic stand type and can be used with AQ-1595. There are many other types of Coolant Systems & Pump Accessories of various brands that are compatible with many types of equipment.
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