Dial Drop
Improve your setup and calibration applications with Dial Drop indicators. Dial Drop indicators have a dial face fixed to a stem with a plunger-type contact point on the end. Get dial face in White, Yellow, or Black for easy readability on shop-floor. When the contact point touches the workpiece, the up-and-down movement of the plunger is amplified on the graduated dial face. The graduations on Dial Drop indicators are available in both inch and metric systems, minimum being 0.00005 inch to 0.01 mm. The graduations on a balanced-reading dial indicator increase in both directions from the reference point, while those on a continuous-reading dial indicator increase in one direction, typically clockwise. Get dial reading in both format like 0-10, 0-10-0, 0-100, 0-20-0, 0-25-0, 0-5-0, 0-50, 0-50-0, 100-0, 20-0-20, 50-0-50 to suit specific measuring applications. You can also buy a compatible holder here to use these Dial Drop indicators more efficiently. Choose from over 100 options of Dial Drop indicators from leading brands including Starrett, Mitutoyo, TESA Brown & Sharpe, and varying measuring range, only on Travers.
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