Diamond Products
Travers is a one-stop shop for Gunsmiths, toolmakers and dies makers, jewelers, and engineers for all types of Diamond Sharpening Products to get their job done. We have different types of Diamond Products in varying shapes including Double Half-Round, Flat Files, Half-Round And Round Files, Knife, Machinist Pocket Whetstone, Single-Sided, Square, Triangle (3-Square). Mini-sized Diamond Products are also available for intricate applications. These sharpeners come in varying lengths of cut ranging between 1-3/4 inches, 4 inches, 4-1/3 inches, and 4-3/16 inches, or varying thickness up to 2 inches. Travers offers Diamond Products in different abrasive grits ranging from Extra Fine to Extra Coarse. The majority of all sharpening can be performed by Diamond Products with a fine (600) grit. Choose products with a medium (400) grit, if you require to sharpen quickly, but still leave a high-quality finish. Products with a coarse (250) grit get the job done even faster. For very fast metal removal try products with the extra coarse (150) grit. Superfine (1200 grit) products are also available for the finest finish. The diamond surface lends itself to sharpening axes, shovels, garden tools, industrial shop tools, and deburring applications. You can also shop for a 5-piece set of Diamond Sharpening Products consisting of Flat, Triangle, Square, Half-Round, and Round Files for various applications in one go. Make use of the selection system in the left column to determine the right Diamond Product based on shape, coarseness, length, width, thickness, or length of cut.
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