Drill Sharpening Machines
Drill Sharpening Machine is a very innovative equipment to have on your shop-floor. All machines on offer here are designed to deliver precise grinding results. It allows you to sharpen the various drill types like twist drills, step drills, carbide drills, centering drills, flat drills, sheet metal and wood drill bits as well as two-edged milling tools. The equipment is easy to learn and operate, promising to sharpen a drill bit in seconds. Various models of Drill Sharpening Machine are available depending on the customer's needs in machining. Travers host Drill Sharpening Machines from leading manufacturers with capacity varying between #60 - 3", 0.08" - 0.51", 0.32" - 1.02", 1/16"-13/16" (RH), 1/16"-1/2" (LH), 1/8"-1/2" (Point Splitting), 1/8" - 13/16", 1/8" - 3/4", 3/32" - 1/2", 3/32" - 3/4". The power consumption is well-optimized on most machines that are on offer. The quality of the grinding wheel included within the machine give finer finish. Most models on offer here are portable and hence can be used at the work site.
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