Edge Finder Accessories
Select from a wide range of Edge Finder Accessories at Travers to ensure that a spindle is properly positioned at the edge of the workpiece or centered over a pilot hole or bore. Edge Finder Accessories available here include Straight/Bent/Sensing Probe Tip, Internal Diameter/Outer Diameter Feelers, Center Locating Feeler, Feeler Rod, Feeler Holder, Offset Indicator Holder, Pointed Shank, Replacement Lamp, Restraining Arm, Thumb Screw. The probes and stylus are used for higher precision alignment and setup. These accessories come in various sizes for best compatibility of Edge Finders on any mill or CNC machine. Choosing the correct Edge Finder Accessories ensures correct positioning for the desired cut. Stock up at Travers from over 42 different varieties of Edge Finder Accessories. You may pick the most desired accessory by technical specification or brand or that In-stock using the intelligent matrix-like search system that we have created. Enquire with us to learn more about the latest additions in Machine Tool Accessories for efficient machining.
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