End Mill Holders & Adapters
Travers have a variety of tool holder types to choose from. Complete your search for End Mill Holders & Adapters here from leading manufactures that can easily fit any standard machine. End Mill Holders & Adapters attach end mills, drills, and other rotary cutting tools to a milling machine. All listed End Mill Holders & Adapters have taper sizes between 2MT, 3MT, 4MT, 30 NS, 40 NS, 50 NS, BT 30, HSK63A, RS 200, RS 300, B&S #7, B&S #9, BT 40, CAT 40, CAT 50, R8. Some models of End Mill Holders & Adapters come in through coolant model as well. Different types of holders have varying levels of runout and balance. There is also variation in their lifespans and durability. End Mill Holders & Adapters hold tools more securely than a collet to keep them from spinning or pulling out during heavy cuts. These holders have a shank that mounts to a machine spindle and a finished bore that holds a compatible end mill. These parts use a set screw to secure the cutting tool. They have small nose diameters and are available in a variety of lengths. Maximum hole diameter you get on selected models of End Mill Holders & Adapters is 2-1/2 inches. Standard hole diameter of 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch in listed End Mill Holders & Adapters. Choose the right type of End Mill Arbors from over 390 items in our catalog from leading brands including Collis, Shark Tools, Techniks, Travers-marketed TTC.
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