Engraving Blanks & Tool Bits
Engraving holder sets with inserts from Travers will take you through a new concept of engraving tools that come with carbide inserts. These carbide inserts will reduce the set-up time, apparatus change time, and expand device life. Carbide holders are intended for shriveling fit holders, etching machines, fast cutting. They can be utilized for applications requiring points of 45/60/80 degrees. Here on Travers, you are going to find Engraving Tools that are appropriate for etching a wide range of materials, for example, plastic, non-ferrous, metal, aluminum, copper carbon steel, and hardened steel. It can be used on CNC machines, CNC turning focuses, and machining focuses, Milling machines, SPM machines, and then some. Its shank diameter ranges from 0.625 inches to 0.236 inches. These engraving tools can give a maximum depth of 0.0008 inches to 0.354 inches and its overall diameter lies between 0.016 inches to 0.287 inches. Shank style is Cylindrical and Weldon. You will find other Engraving tools with different functions on our platform with the best qualities.
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