If you are looking for good-quality Epoxies, then your search ends at Travers. There are 30 items available here that have different features and specifications so that you can choose customized Epoxies as per your requirements. The Epoxies offered at Travers can be divided according to different brands, types, container sizes, as well as container types. You can filter out the items according to the above categories and your needs. The different brands available are 3M, Devcon, Devcon Plexus, Gorilla, and JB Weld. The types of Epoxies available are 5 Minute Liquid Epoxy, Aluminium Liquid, Aluminium Putty, Bronze Putty, Cyancrylate, Super Glue, Epoxy plastic application, Stainless Steel Putty, Plastic Steel Putty, and Titanium Putty. The different container sizes offered are 0.2 - 4 lbs, 2oz - 15oz, 25 ml - 50 ml. The container types in which the epoxies come in are bottle, cartridge, Dev-Tube, nozzle, syringe, tub, and tube. Devcon offers 5 Minute Liquid Epoxy, aluminum putty and liquid, titanium putty, bronze and stainless steel putty, plastic steel putty, and liquid. The container sizes in which these solutions are offered are 25 ml to 50 ml, 2.5 oz to 15oz, 1 lb to 3lbs. The containers provided are Dev-Tube, cartridge, tube, bottle, and tub. 3M produces Scotch-Weld Epoxies. The container in which it is available has the size of 50ml. Furthermore, the container types offered are tube and nozzle. Gorilla offers Epoxy and Super Glue. The container sizes available are 25 ml, 15g, and 10g. The container types provided are syringes and bottles. These solutions by Gorilla are made of Cyanoacrylate super glue. These are just a few of the types of Epoxies available. There are many other brands available like Devcon Plexus, JB Weld, and so on. There are more types of epoxies to be explored that are made of different materials and come in different container types and sizes.
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