Feeler Gage Sets
Travers offers you Feeler Gage Set for measuring and inspection which can be utilized for estimating hole widths between two articles that are near one another. The Feeler Gage sets themselves comprise an assortment of little lengths of steel (known as cutting edges) of various thicknesses which have size estimations set apart along with each piece. Here on Travers, you can find Feeler Gage sets from four different brands which come in different thicknesses, blade length, no. of leaves, and measurements, according to your needs. Starrett thickness gages have round edges with no ragged edges which makes stock easier to work with. It is importantly used in automotive, aviation, jig, fixture, gage, and experimental work. It is outfitted in 33 distinct thicknesses going from 0.0005 inch~0.030 inch. Precision gage sets are non-corrosive, non-conductive, non-sparking, and non-marring feeler gage which is used to check gaps, alignment, and spacing. Its blades are 1/2 inch wide and bolted together. Polyester gage thickness ranges within .001 inch to .005 inch and Vinyl gage thickness ranges within .0075 inch to 0.030 inch. PEC gage sets are specifically made for fitting and setting narrow slots. Each blade in this set come with thickness marked on it and its sturdy steel case protects blades safely. This set thickness is between 0.0015 inch - 0.040 inch and no. of leaves are 13,15,26. TTC feeler gage sets are used to check clearances between surfaces. Each leaf of this gage is 3-3/8 inches long. Its thickness ranges between 0.0015 inch - 0.0250 inch. It’s measuring range is 0.0015 inch - 0.030 inch by 0.0005 inch, 0.0030 inch to 0.0250 inch by 0.001inch. Travers feeler gage sets have quality tempered steel, each leaf has a size plainly marked, and the end of each leaf is in a round shape.
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