Floor Style
When precision is the ultimate requirement in your drilling projects, it�s time to consider the range of Floor Drill Presses at Travers. We feature Floor Drill Press with a pillar-mounted chuck to allow you to accurately lower the bit through the vertical plane onto your base material. Suitable for use with wood, metals, and plastics as the listed floor-mounted drilling machines offer spindle speeds as low as 42 RPM, going up to 6720 RPM. We have Floor Drill Press with a swing range of 15 inches to 30 inches, with a spindle travel range of 3.313 inches to 9 inches. These floor-mounted drill machines on offer can accommodate spindles of varying tapers including 2MT, 3MT, 4MT, or 2MT/3JT. With the correct attachment, you can also use these Floor Drill Press for honing, tapering, polishing, and tapping. Enquire with us for the latest accessories in several categories under Industrial Machinery.
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