Food Grade Oils
Food grade oil is seemingly simple enough to buy as products, it can quickly get overwhelming to choose the right one once you consider the different applications and the range of products available in the market. Travers only host certified products from leading brands that are trusted by hundreds of factories and plants for Food-Grade lubrication Oil. We have listed Food-Grade Oil from brands like OTMT, Wesco, and Vestil. The listed Food-Grade Oils hosted by Travers come in various types including #77 Concentrated Coolant, Micro-Drop� Lubricant, S00210 Food Grade Silicone Lube. These Food-Grade Oils are approved for incidental food contact. These lubricants are known to resist degradation from food products, chemicals, water/steam, have the ability to dissolve sugars, and exhibit a neutral behavior toward plastics and elastomers. You can use the listed Food Grade Oils in blenders, bottle washers, cams, conveyors, gearboxes, slides, conveyor chains, cookers, bottling machines, packaging equipment, valves, hydraulics, canning machines, bushings and more. We understand the economic value of storage in industrial plants and thus offer Food Grade Oils in container size of as low as 10 oz. in an aerosol can. Concentrated Coolant is another revolutionary product and reduces space for storage. It can be diluted with water for use to huge volume as per machining application. You can also get standard quantities of listed Food Grade Oils in 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail and 55 Gallon Drum. At Travers, we have created the right dynamic marketplace where it is simpler for you to choose the right food-grade oil for your industrial operations. You can also buy food-grade oil that is in stock directly from New York, South Carolina, and California. In addition to this, you can also enquire with us about the latest products in several categories of industrial auxiliary equipment and supplies that can compliment the Food-Grade Oil use in non-food industrial plants.
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