Heads - Automatic
Automatic Boring and Facing Heads listed here are designed to advance the boring tool laterally with auto-feed. The precision and ruggedness of the Automatic Boring Head available on Travers greatly reduce costs and cycle times. We have boring range that can extend upto 31 inches. The boring head width ranges from 2.875 inches to 8.725 inches. The listed Automatic Boring heads are rigid in construction and have extra-large slideways offering very little backlash in the tool carrier. Use Automatic Heads for drilling, rough boring, finish boring, milling and tapping. The Modular Boring Kit on offer here provides flexibility to assemble the perfect setup for almost any application. The kit includes Boring head, Boring bars, Cartridge, Location sleeve, Hex keys, Torx® keys, Cartridge screw, Rhombic or Triangular inserts, Counterweight, Small/Medium plate, Counterweight screw, Plate fixing screws. Boring requires the use of the right tool for position accuracy, hole geometry, and surface finish. Our line of Automatic Boring Heads bars gives you the right solution for your particular hole-making applications. Choose from available types of Automatic Boring Heads. Pick the Modular Boring Kit or Universal Boring & Facing Head Sets to match your machining needs. You may also enquire with us for custom boring solutions to meet your difficult machining challenges.
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