Hoist Accessories
There are more than 50 options for Hoist Accessories available at Travers. There are various types of Hoist Accessories that can be compatible with many pieces of equipment. The brands offered by Travers are Jet and Sky Hook. The types of Hoist accessories available are articulating arm, bench mount, bolt down, adapter, button control pendant, cast iron counterweight kit, choker collar, etc. These hoist accessories can be used with 250 lbs modular skyhook, 8500 - 02, 8500 - 02A, 8500 - 03, ET series electric trolley, VOLT variable speed hoists, and so on. JET has hoist accessories for ET electronic trolleys and VOLT Variable speed hoists. The type of these hoist accessories is a button control pedant. Sky Hook has Sky Hooks Accessories, Sky Hook Bases only, Lifting Systems, and Accessories to offer. These hoist accessories are of the types spreader bar with sling safe hooks, spreader bar with shackles, articulating arm, nylon sling, mounting hardware, skyhook base, tool post mount, and so on. These hoist accessories can be used with a wide range of equipment like the Sky Hooks up to 15 counterweights, Sky Hooks up to 8 counterweights, modular skyhooks, and so on. Now you can find the hoist accessory you want by filtering out the products as per your requirement.
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