Get a wide measuring range with Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometers. Travers offers up to 40 inches of measuring range with these Interchangeable Anvils Outside Micrometers. You may even buy Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometers in sets of 4, 5, or 6 and save big. Most models come with a Ratchet stop for contact force. Some models are also available in Friction thimble type for ease of operation. You may select Outside Micrometers based on a vast measuring range in both inch or metric types. Some models of Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometer come with digital displays to easily measure items in hard-to-read places. They are also available in mechanical form with a graduated scale for accurate output. We have made your tool shopping experience easier with a quick filter selection search. Travers lists Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometers from leading brands like Starrett, Mitutoyo, Fowler among others for precise measurement & great repeatability. This measuring tool is perfect for measuring thickness or outside diameter. Recommended for mechanics, automotive service and machine shops, toolrooms, inspection departments, and wherever gaging involves a wide range of measurements. Now choose from over 25 types of Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometers in varying measuring ranges. You can choose from our catalog and filter out the most suitable Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometer by technical specifications, make (for example, made in the USA), On-promotion, or New Items depending on your requirements.
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