Internal & External Blades, Handle
Travers offers you fast, easy, and economical solutions for internal and external scrapping and finishing operations. We provide different styles of specially designed handheld blades to suit many intricate machining applications. We have different blade materials made up of Carbide, Ceramic and Tin coated to suit most finishing applications. The blades will accept all "N", "B", "E" type light & heavy duty blades. The blade holders come in a variety of color options including Blue, Blue/White, Red, Silver/Gold, and Yellow. Complete with different coatings, blade styles, and cutting-edge geometry options to suit different materials, Travers gives you the most flexibility of any Internal and External blades. Hand-operated blade sets are available from major brands like NOGA and Shaviv. Choose from over 90 varieties of blades for deburring, slotting, edging, countersinking. You can choose from our catalog and filter Internal & External Blades by make (for example, made in the USA), On-promotion, or New Items depending on your requirements. In order to find the right Internal & External Blades for your machining operation, you can use the intelligent matrix-like search system that we have created.
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