Jobber Length Drill Sets
Buy Jobber Length Drills in bulk with curated drill sets from popular brands. Jobber Length Drill sets give machinists the flexibility of purchasing multiple jobber length drill sizes in one pack. These drill bits come in standard sizes expressed in fractional inches, numbers, letters, or metrics. All jobber length drill bits are only available in standard drill point angles of 118° and 135°, making it easier to start drilling without the need for a pilot hole. You will find multiple treatments and coating options including AlTiN, Black & Bronze, Black Oxide, Bright, Bronze, TiALN, TiCN, TiN (6) on the listed Jobber Length Drill sets. These drill bits have a straight shank that installs into all standard drill chuck or similar tool holders. The High-Speed Steel jobber-length drill bits in these sets provide more flexibility and absorb more shock and vibration than Cobalt and Solid Carbide jobber-length drill bits. Use HSS drills for manual drilling machines and handheld power tools. Special material drill bits made from M35 5% Cobalt, M42 8% Cobalt, Super Premium High-Speed Steel, W9 High-Speed Steel are also available for specific applications. If you are unsure what drill bits you require, purchasing Jobber Length Drill sets will prove to be a huge cost-saver. Travers is offering over 150 items of Jobber Length Drill sets in various sizes, tool materials, and brands to meet most of your applications.
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