Knee Type Vertical Machines
Vertical milling machines are very popular for many different types of applications. Travers presents an overwhelming range of nearly 600 different specifications of Knee Type Vertical Machines from leading manufactures. This is a very versatile piece of equipment, which is commonly used to manufacture both metal and wood products. The machine is adapted for machining slots and flat surfaces by moving the table. The most standard table size on the available Knee Type Vertical Machine is 10" x 50", with other models also available with a maximum table size of 17" x 62". A spindle of a vertical milling machine is positioned at right angles to the table. The available spindle taper on machines include 30 NS, 40 NS, 40 NST, 40 NT, or R8. The spindle speed among the available Knee Type Vertical Machines ranges between 1550 RPM to 5440 RPM. The cutter is moved vertically or at an angle by swiveling the vertical head of the machine. By mounting end mills and face milling cutters on the spindle, vertical milling and internal milling are performed. Vertical Machines available here come in varying Longitudinal Travel range of 12 inches to 47.24 inches, Cross Travel range of 6.5 inches to 35.43 inches, and a Knee Travel range of 10-1/2 inches to 23.62 inches. Most Knee Type Vertical machines on offer here deliver up to 3 HP and run on 3 phase AC supply. . Varying models of Vertical machines available on Travers give different horsepower between 1.5 HP, 2 HP, 4 HP & 5 HP. You can choose from our catalog and filter Knee Type Vertical Machines by make (for example, made in the USA), On-promotion, or New Items depending on your requirements. In order to find the right Knee Type Vertical Machines for your machining operation, you can use the intelligent matrix-like search system that we have created.
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