Live - Extended Point
Travers presents an exclusive range of Extended Point Live Centers to support unconventional workpieces in a lathe or other machine tools. It is best to minimize friction between the centers and the workpieces during high-speed turning applications The tool keeps workpieces centered between a lathe's headstock and tailstock to ensure concentric machining. Morse tapered end mounts to the lathe and a flanged head with internal bearings allow the point to rotate. The available taper on these Extended Point Live Centers includes 2MT, 3MT, 4MT, 5MT, 6MT. Different dimensions of Extended Point Live Centers are on offer here and designed for various rotational speeds ranging between 2,600 RPM to 6,000 RPM. Most live centers on offer have high-quality bearing design giving for high accuracy. It comes with a dustproof seal preventing cutting dust enter into the bearing thus prolonging the service time. All Live Centers on offer are designed for lathe in low-to-medium-to-heavy load environments. Choose from the available Live Centers to hold any workpiece weight ranging between 310 lbs to 5,500 lbs. Make use of our intelligent matrix-like search system to pick the right item. You can choose from our catalog and filter Extended Point Live Centers by make (for example, made in the USA), On-promotion, or New Items depending on your requirements.
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