Low Carbon
Browse a selection of Low Carbon Stocks in varying thickness and width sizes at Travers in fixed 24" length. We offer these Ground flat stocks in #498 precision ground standard. It makes for perfect applications in stripper plates, jigs, fixtures, machine and component parts, punch pads, dies plates. Get these LC Ground Flat Stocks in fractional thickness sizes of 1" or less and widths upto 12". These stock flats exhibit excellent weldability and can easily be carburized or case-hardened. After hardening, the physical properties of these flat stocks including tensile strength, yield point, Brinell’s hardness, are substantially higher. By standards, Low Carbon Flat Stocks on offer here contains 0.15% weight of carbon fine-grained silicon-killed steel, of forging quality. Our sourcing is unmatched in the industry. Standard or Oversize fractional sizes of thickness and widths are available. Use these Low Carbon Ground Flat Stocks where deep hardening is not required. Choose from a large assortment of 200+ selections of LC Ground Flat Stocks from popular brand Starrett to meet your metal fabrication requirement. You may call us on our helpline number and get connected to our Technical Advisor for custom-sized stocks.
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