Machine Chucking Reamer Sets
The smart choice is buying machine tools in sets. Travers offers a dedicated range of Machine Chucking Reamer Sets for you to choose from. The sets contain multiple Chucking Reamers in a range of sizes. Pick your desired set of Machine Reamers in Decimal, Fractional, Letter, Metric, or Number. Use it to enlarge or finish an existing hole to a precise tolerance or size. We offer sets that contain as many as 60 different sizes of Chucking Reamers for a whole range of applications. Chucking Reamers on display are made up of Cobalt or High-Speed Steel. The listed Machine Reamers can fit in any standard-sized chuck of a drill press, lathe, screw machine, or similar machining tool. Choose from over 24 different Machine Chucking Reamer Sets to suit your machining requirement.
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