Machine Lamps
Now continue your work uninterrupted without compromising the quality and precision of Travers� wide range of Machine Lamps. Whether you need CFL Incandescent, Fluorescent, Halogen, or LED lights, Travers has it all. We have Machine Lamps that come with various machine light styles as well as mounting lights so that all your requirements can be taken care of. There are various brands available like Dazor, Electrix, O.C. White, Roxter, TTC, and Waldmann. We provide different machine light styles like articulating arm task light, gooseneck spot, linear, linear bench light, and surface/flush mount. The mounting types offered are bracket mount, mounting arm, mounting bracket, screw-on base, and screw-on brackets. There are lamps of different wattage like 108, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, up to 8 watts. It also has different voltages available like 10-40, 95-240, 120-277, 19-28, and so on. Dazor offers a clamp base, pivot base, l-bracket, and desk base for a direct mount. Travers also has Dazor machine lamps with Gooseneck and Classic machine light styles. It has choices of CFL Incandescent, Fluorescent, and Halogen. For articulating arm and tube machine light styles, we have Electrix machine lamps that come in portable, fluorescent, and machine tube light choices. The mounting offered is bracket type. For heavy-duty and high intensity LED Travers has O.C. White Machine Lamps with light styles like linear and spotlight. O.C. White also offers different mounting bases like Table Edge, Screwdown, Magnetic, Weighted base, and so on. Travers has Roxter utility lamps with a Gooseneck machine lighting style and a magnetic mounting base. We also have TTC machine lamps with Gooseneck machine light style, a magnetic mounting base, and a base lighting unit. Travers also has Waldmann single LED lamps, Flat LED lamps, LED plus lamps, Taneo lamps, etc. It also comes with various machine light styles like Gooseneck spot, Linea, and Surface/flush. It also offers different mounting bases so that you can use these machine lamps anywhere as per your requirements like screw-on base, bracket mount, mounting bracket, screw-on brackets, and linear bench light.
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