Machinery Handbooks
At Travers, we house all popular publications offering Machinery Handbooks & Books. You can order handbooks in digital version, large print versions or pocket companion version. Get famous publications from top authors like Amiss Jones & Ryffel, James A. Harvey, Karlo Apro, Oberg, Jones, Horton & Ryffel, Richard Pohanish, and Chris McCauley, Robert Perez and Andre Conkey. Pick from information-rich book titles like "Is My Machine Ok?", "Machine Shop Trade Secrets", "Machinery's Handbook 31st Edition", "Machinery's Handbook 31st Toolbox Edition & CalcPro 2 Bundle", and "Secrets Of 5-Axis Machining". These publications are offered in latest editions. Older edition handbooks and books can be arranged on request. These books are an essential reference for mechanical, manufacturing, and industrial engineers, designers, draftsmen, toolmakers, machinists, engineering and technology students, and DIY-hobbyists. In order to find the right Machinery Handbook for your industrial operation, you can manually check the list below to shortlist the product you need. You can also enquire over a call with us about any specific Machinery book title or edition.
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