Magnetic Lifting Tools
If you are looking for high-quality Magnetic Lifting Tools then you don’t have to look any further. Travers provides more than 80 options for Magnetic Lifting Tools. The leading brands available on Travers are Mag-Mate, Magnet Source, and Master Magnetics. The types of Magnetic Lifting Tools available are Air Tool Holder/ Rack, Grinder Holder, Heavy-Duty Retrieving Magnet, Hand Tool Magnetic Lift Magnet, Magnet Door Holder/ Stop, Hook, Latch, Master Magnetics Swinging Magnetic Hooks, Lifter, etc. There are many Magnetic Lifting Tools available with varying lifting capacities. The different ranges for lifting capacities available are 1 inch thick to 3 inches thick. 0.40 lbs to 2200lbs. The holding value for flat items ranges from 21 lbs to 3000 lbs. Furthermore, these Magnetic Lifting Tools come with different heights, lengths, and widths, so that they can be suited for your needs. Magnet Source offers Heavy-Duty Retrieving Magnets. These Magnetic Lifting Tools are fine machines that have a lifting capacity of 150 lbs. Magnet Source also has good quality Magnetic Tool Holders. If you are looking for Swinging Magnetic Hooks, Wrench/Heat Gun Holders, then Master Magnetic has a wonderful collection. The lifting capacity of these Magnetic Lifting Tools ranges from 65 lbs - 40 lbs. The Holding Value of Flat items provided by Master Magnetic is 105 lbs. Mag-Mate provides more than 70 types of Magnetic Liting Tools. They have salvage magnets, air tool holders, dynamic lift magnets, door latches, permanent lifting magnets for thin sheets and pipes, permanent lifting magnets for flat and round, permanent lifting magnets for beams, angle rod and hot parts, etc. There are different Lifting Magnets available like 1 inch thick and 3 inches thick. The Holding Value Flat Items for the Magnetic Lifting Toos made by Mag-Mate can vary from 35 lbs to 3000 lbs. Now you can pick the Magnetic Lifting tool you want with the given features and specifications.
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