Measure depth, slot width, and hard-to-reach areas with Travers' high-quality selection of mechanical depth gages. Travers provides you best depth gages which will make it easy to measure the depth of holes, recesses, and distances from a plane surface to a projection. We have a wide range of dial depth caliper, dial depth gage, dial depth gage caliper, protractor, and depth gage, and steel rule depth gage to help you achieve success in measuring depth below a reference surface. Dial Depth gauge has a conical point that can be positioned for close work. It is mainly designed for longer ranges. It has a carbide contact point that can be used for small hole applications. It has a measuring range of 0-3 inches or larger, according to your need. Its weight is 2 lbs and has a diameter of around 0.175 inch. Combination depth and angle gage type is used for quickly obtaining measurements in 64ths of an inch by a simple adjustment. Its head is made of hardened steel, ground, and nicely polished which gives 2-5/8 inches long and 1/8 inch wide. It can be also used as a protractor for measuring angle. Dial depth calipers act as a measuring tool for surfaces which is precision ground for accuracy and its resolution is 0.001 inch. Its measuring range lies between 0-12 inches. Dial depth caliper gage is a split gear anti-backlash control. It is a hardened stainless steel base, measuring bar, rack, and gears. Its measuring range lies between 0-12 inches. Protractor and depth gages provide the ability to measure angles and depths. It has a resolution of 0 degrees to 180 degrees in opposite directions. It gives 6 inches x 1/4 inch depth gage rule graduated in 32nds and 64ths. Its measuring range is 0-6 inches. Steel rule depth gauge can be used quickly to obtain measurements in 64ths of an inch by a simple adjustment. Its overall length is 6 inches with a width of 1/8 inch and dimensions of 2-5/8 inches x 1/8 inch. Travers provides you with over 10 mechanical depth gages which will make your depth measuring easier.
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