Now you can keep your equipment safe from airborne particles in a working environment with Travers� fine collection mist collectors. Travers has a practical range of mist collectors of the brand LOSMA. It offers different airflows that are suitable for specific machine enclosures so that you can make sure your work environment is safe. The different air flows available are 1850 CFM, 350 CFM, 750 CFM, and 1200 CFM. These LOSMA mist collectors are suitable for the following enclosures like 0-60 cubic feet, 55-125 cubic feet, 120-260 cubic feet, 255-450 cubic feet. The mist collectors with airflow 350 CFM can be suitable for machine enclosures of 350 CFM. the machine enclosures f 55-125 cubic feet can use the mist collectors with an airflow of 750 CFM. The LOSMA mist collector with airflow 1200 CFM can be used for machine enclosures of 120-260 cubic feet. The machine enclosures ranging from 255-450 cubic feet can use mist collectors with airflow of 1850 CFM. Now, with this range of mist collectors, you can keep your machine enclosures of any size mist-free and keep the environment safe for equipment as well as you.
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